Meet the Skachkov family! This was hands down one of the easiest family sessions I've done to date! Kiddos did amazing. No one cried, no one whined...not even once! Gavin was so obedient, following all of my instructions very carefully. And every-time I asked his parents to kiss, Gavin did the cutest thing! He'd cover his mouth and giggle - haha! I couldn't help but laugh at this little mister. And his baby brother?! He has THE MOST kissable cheeks EVER. Literally. Scroll down and take a look for yourselves!

We had a beautiful, calm and fun evening at Semiahmoo. I honestly love this park! It's never 'over crowded' with people, and you can be certain to catch a good sunset every time. One of my new favorite areas to photograph at this park is the, what I like to call, the 'golden' field. When the sun hits just right, it's almost like the entire field just lights up! I love it, and the colors turn out so rich. If you know me, I love colors.

Skachkov family, thank you for choosing me to document your sweet family! I had a wonderful time with you guys, and I look forward to capturing your family again sometime in the near future! Blessings!

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