Meet the Solo family! These guys are MY family ya'll. This is one of my beautiful sister's and her lovely family! Background story... I lived with them for a couple of years when I was a teenager, and I basically watched these kiddos grow up. I moved in to be their nanny for only just a few months, but that turned into a couple of years. And in that time, I developed such a close bond with them, especially with my niece, that I almost feel like she's my baby sister! They get me and I get them, and I looove that we can connect like that. When people say 'time flys', they aren't kidding! Time really does fly. I can't believe these kiddos that I once rocked to sleep in my arms, are now pre-teens AND babysitting MY own kids  - when did this happen?! I feel so blessed to have been able to live with my sisters family for a couple of years, connect on a whole different level and grow closer than I could have ever imagined. 

We head out to 'little squalicum park' in Bellingham, and we got SO lucky with such a beautiful sunny day. Gosh, I hope for this soft light every time I photograph! We laughed and had a great time on the beach almost forgetting this was a 'photo-session'! Oh, and the cute little black furry dog?! Yea, that's Lucy. She's the most sweetest and most spoiled little dog I've ever met, and my girls are terrified of her - haha!                               

Thanks you guys for having me take your family photos! I had such a great time, as always. Blessings to your sweet little family!

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