Meet the Struebel family! This family was all laughter, smiles and all FUN - what a perfect combination! I don't know about you guys, but I'm SO ready for fall! I pulled out my fall boots, organized my cardigans and cozy sweaters...oh, and I've been ordering all those yummy fall coffee drinks! When this family arrived for their session, I loved the color scheme they were wearing - very fall colors! It went SO perfect with the apple orchard (there's apples EVERYWHERE) and all the dreamy sunset evening colors. All these photos scream FALL!

I've photographed several families with their pet dog, but I haven't yet photographed one with THREE dogs! All three dogs were SO excited, jumping and barking at everyone - I thought we'd never get a 'normal posed' shot with everyone standing still. BUT, my magic trick worked once again...I barked back at the dogs, haha! It's silly and looks totally ridiculous from the side, but hey! It worked and we got a GREAT shot of everyone looking at the camera, including the dogs!

Struebel family, thank you for this great opportunity in capturing these sweet memories that hopefully will be cherished in your home forever. And last but not least, thank you for your service! Blessings!

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