Meet the Swartz family! Oh goodness, where do I begin?! I was behind my camera photographing Koenrad and Christin's Wedding just last year, though it seems as if it was just last weekend. A few months ago, I got a sweet email from Christin telling me about their newest addition, baby Gus - I was SO thrilled when she said they wanted their family photos taken by me. Let me just say, returning clients are awesome. I adore watching families grow, and most importantly, I love keeping that friendship 'connection' with them throughout the years. 

Planning this session, Koenrad and Christin had both decided they wanted their family captured during sunset hour. At this time of year sunset is late, and I was worried how baby Gus would handle the session. But my goodness, he did SO good. I don't think he even cried once! He was such a happy camper - yay! When writing blogs, I like to think of one thing that was my favorite about each session...for this session, I loved watching big brother Michael love on his little brother Gus. He was so eager to help and hold his brother, and Michael was so gentle with him! Love love love that. 

Swartz family, thank you SO much for choosing me as your photographer! Truly, thank you. Your family is so beautiful, and so blessed. Wishing you many more years of joy, happiness and love!

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