Taylor was her middle school crush. "I was super shy and terrified to actually talk to him, but I was pretty darn sure he was the most incredible boy I'd ever met," said Carleigh. Life eventually put Taylor and Carleigh on different paths, they went to different schools, and pretty soon lost touch. About seven years later, fate brought them together. Without planning on doing so, they were reconnected through one of Carleighs best friends - who happened to be Taylor's sister! It was a hectic 'REI' garage sale, and Taylor and Carleigh couldn't stop talking and getting to know one another. Friendship grew to like, and shortly after like grew to love. Taylor and Carleigh are tying the knot this fall, and like Carliegh said, "October can't come soon enough!"

Taylor and Carleigh, THANK YOU for trusting me in capturing such a sweet moment in your lives. I loved spending the evening with you both, getting to know you better as a couple. Your love is so real and so contagious. Wishing you all of the Lord's blessings from above!

Location: Larrabee State Park

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