Thank you, Police Officers - Wild Grass Photography

In all the recent law enforcement violence, myself along with some fellow photographers, are offering FREE family photos to police officers and their families. Just a small way of saying "thank you" for your service!

The violence needs to stop.

We had planned this session totally last minute, and I must say, it turned out amazing. This was a beautiful backyard session (I know amazing, right?!?!) and I'm so glad we planned this session during sunset hour. I am literally OBSESSED with all the soft colors, the soft yellow, soft pink and blue's...ahhh! The littles loved playing with the rocks on the beach and getting tickled by mama and papa, it was no pressure...other than me jumping in front of them and squealing AND begging them to look at me for a few shots, haha!

Thank you to this beautiful family for this wonderful opportunity to , and of course, thank you SO much for your service! Blessings! 

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