They lived in different countries. He lived in Ukraine, and she lived in the United States. Little did they know that God would bring them together in a small town near Seattle. It was summer time, and it was time for the annual church youth camp. It so happened that Tim had the chance to visit the US, where he had got invited to come to camp. The place was loud and crowded with people running around playing ball, getting settled in and preparing to gather around the campfire. But amongst all that, Tim’s eyes caught eye to eye with Vera. Somewhere not to deep in his heart, he knew that this beautiful young lady would have a special place in his heart. What is it about her that is so beyond extraordinary? Perhaps it’s her long brunette hair? Her sweet laugh? Or perhaps its her beautiful eyes that lit up each time she smiles. Whatever it was, Tim couldn’t stop thinking about this girl from camp, Vera.

Months went by, and it was New Years Eve. All the youth was rushing to church wearing their best attire. Long ballgown dresses, hair curled and pulled aside, tuxes, bow-ties, and lots of joy filled the air as all the youth happily entered the church to celebrate the New Year. Amongst all the chaos, Tim once again caught eye to eye with Vera. This time, Tim knew it was time to get to know this beautiful young lady. After a long night of laughter and smiles, Tim’s heart grew greatly with love. The couple spent the new day in the brand new year, watching the sunrise. Vera couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend her New Year, “he’s a keeper!” she thought!

The lighthouse park was very dear to the couple for many reasons, and that is why Tim knew he had to ask one very important question just there. After an evening stroll on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing, Tim sat Vera down on a log laying along side of the shore, where he pulled out a large box. Without hesitation, Vera opened up the box to find big white letters laying inside, letter by letter it spelled out “Will you marry me”. Just as she realized that Tim was proposing, he got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring. With a soft deep breath, Tim asked Vera to be his bride. Joy filled Vera’s face as she joyfully jumped into Tim’s arms yelling out, “YES”!

On November 28, 2015, they dressed into a white dress and a black suit as they prepared to marry in front of their closest friends and family. Vera’s father held onto his little girl one last time, as he tearfully walked her down the isle. They wed in Vera’s church, where she grew up and where she committed her life to follow Christ. When they said I Do, smiles and happiness floated to the peaks of surrounding evergreens and their love seeped into the hearts of guests. Their married lives began with a kiss, but their love was destined far before that moment.

Tim and Vera, thank you for having us be apart of your perfect Wedding day. I appreciate you trusting me in capturing your special day and documenting your love. Wishing you both years of happiness, love and most importantly joy in our Lord!

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