New job, new city, new people, Vlad took the leap and moved to Vancouver after accepting a job offer. Though his heart was in Bellingham, Vlad began attending Word of Grace Bible Church. It wasn’t long after he got involved in church activities which included youth service. Little did Vlad know would find the love his life. In the corner of his eye he noticed a beautiful woman who’s eyes sparkled every time she smiled, Dasha. After a casual introduction and ‘small talk’, Vlad soon learned that Dasha was a barista at a local coffee shop. “So obviously my next move was to go ‘buy coffee’ the following week at the coffee shop she works at,” said Vlad. It was only after countless visits to the coffee shop after Vlad finally asked Dasha out for dinner.

Short and beautiful three months later, Vlad and Dasha headed out to Canon Beach, Oregon. Barefoot, with the sound of the waves crushing against the rocks, wind in their hair, they climbed up a sand cliff where they sat to enjoy God’s beauty. Overlooking the ocean, Vlad pulled out a small gift telling Dasha it was for their 3 month anniversary. Thinking everything through, Vlad had gotten a special cupcake in a small butter plate, which held something important…an engagement ring. As Dasha was opening the gift, Vlad gently got down on one knee and couldn’t hold back expressing, how much he loved this girl standing right in front of him. “He told me how much he loved me and asked me to be his wife!” shared Dasha. Without hesitation Dasha said YES!

On June 16, 2017, family and friends drove from near and far for a beautiful celebration. Together, Vlad and Dasha, promised to weather anything life thruster their way and asked their closest family and friends to witness their ceremony as two become one. Evergreen Gardens couldn't have been a more perfect venue for this beautiful celebration. This magical day was filled with so much laughter, love, amazing food and most importantly, Gods presence! 

Vlad and Dasha, thank you so much for having me document your love and your first day as husband and wife. I enjoyed every moment of it, and truly what an honor it was to be apart of your special day. Wishing you only the best, and many blessings from above!

WEDDING VENUE: Evergreen Gardens

APPLE ORCHARD: Bellewood Acres

THIRD SHOOTER: Milana Bespalov

BRIDAL MAKEUP: Unaltered Beauty

BRIDESMAID MAKEUP: Highlighted Beauty

FLORAL: In Bloom Homestead and String of Wonders

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