Zoe ~ Rainy Day - Wild Grass Photography

Meet Zoe! I got to meet this sweet girl and her family last fall, during my fall mini sessions! I was super pumped when her mama asked me to take some special fun photos of Zoe:) What better way to spend a cold rainy morning, than to take some photos of a cutie jumping in the puddles?! Zoe was so sweet, she had brought along a whole bagful of goodies, of course she had her mama hauling around. She was all set for her rainy day photo session.

I love the simplicity of children. I love how easily their faces light up over the smallest things, like jumping in puddles. No matter how small of a puddle, somehow children just know how to make the most of what they have. As I watched Zoe run around, play with her rubber ducky, hold her mamas hand, giggle while jumping in the puddles, I took a lesson for myself. A lesson for myself to be happy with the smallest things in life! I think we often forget how truly blessed we are, and we often take so many things for granted.

Thank you sweet Zoe for spending this morning with me! XOXO

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